How I Think Of Sex

One of the most challenging parts of writing is deciding how much sex and what kind to include. The books I’ve read on the subject of writing sex scenes suggest that explicit descriptions of sex organs and how they get used is a turnoff to women. I suppose, as a general rule, that makes sense. I don’t like extensive descriptions of giant penises and soaking vaginas. I never need that to build a picture in my mind.

Vacation with a Stranger has a lot of sex scenes in it. Actually, earlier drafts of the book had twice as many. I wanted my protagonists to be highly sexual and to freely enjoy one another. Truth be told, writing sex scenes turns me on. They are the easiest part of writing for me. I get it. I’m just naturally horny.

I want my readers to get aroused too. I want them to feel the raw power of sex as a positive, playful force in a relationship. That’s how I want Les and Steve to demonstrate. Their sex has nothing to do with physical beauty or extra-large penises. It is a playful expression of love. They understand that sex isn’t the glue that holds them together. It’s a nice bonus that comes from trusting one another. My goal was to explore how much fun this can be. I hope that comes across.

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