Changed The Title

Being a self-published author means I get to make horrible mistakes without anyone to help me correct them. The biggest so far is the title of my first book. I called it Fan Mail because it is the story of a woman who gets a fan letter from a man that prompts her to respond and, within hours, decide to invite him to spend a week with her on Maui.

I figured that the important hook was that it was a fan letter. Obviously, I was wrong. I think the real hook is that a famous woman, a TV star, invited a stranger to stay with her. Based on less than a day’s worth of long-distance communication, she took this giant risk. Do you agree that Vacation with a Stranger is more interesting? I hope it is.

It turns out that marketing is more important than writing. I’m just a fledgling writer. I don’t know how to sell books. That doesn’t mean I’m giving up. I’m not. The second book is coming along. I have no idea what to call it. I guess I will settle for writing it first and then figuring out the rest later.

Stay tuned!

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