I Need Beta Readers

I love holding a real book. Kindle books are certainly less expensive and more convenient, but something is satisfying about paper. I recently received a copy of my first book, Fan Mail. Holding it made me feel like a real author. Until now, the book was more of an abstract concept, something I saw on my computer screen. Holding it in my hands and seeing my words on paper brought tears to my eyes. Am I old-fashioned? Maybe. Don’t hold it against me. Now, I know I am a novelist, an author. I wish my mom was alive to see this.

Right now, I am doing two things: I’m working on my new book, Hacked!, and I’m trying to get Fan Mail reviewed. I’m not much of a self-promoter. It’s challenging to reach out. However, I’m doing it anyway. I expect at least two reviews this summer. I hope they are good. So far, Fan Mail has four five-star reviews on Amazon. Two of them came from Europe. Wow!

I tamed the story a little

I have to confess that I revised Fan Mail about a month after releasing it. The original manuscript (and book) had more sexual content. It included Steve being spanked by Leslie (the main characters in the book). I love writing sexy scenes. A couple of the reviews were about that earlier version. After taking some time to consider the project, I realized that those scenes didn’t add anything to the story and would probably put off most readers. Call it a rookie error.

I was my own editor. I had two friends who gave me feedback on the manuscript. Both of them like some kinky stuff, so they didn’t flag my over-the-top writing. That’s a common problem of self-published authors. I am hoping to get more help. I need more beta readers. If you would like to read the manuscript of my next book and offer your comments, please email me. Just click the link to go to my mail form. All beta readers will get a hard copy of the book when published! Thank you.

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