About Me

I have been around for a while. It’s been a dream to take the time to write a novel. I never wanted to write the Great American Novel. I want to write books that touch readers and share points of view and feelings they may never have thought of before. I suppose that a lot of what I write says something about me and what piques my curiosity.

I was born in Brooklyn, New York. I spent most of my childhood there. I moved to Greenwich Village almost as soon as I turned 18 and could be off on my own. Later, I moved north to Westchester county to escape the noise. Most recently, I relocated to the Pacific Northwest. Once I got used to the clouds and rain, I fell in love.

Most of my career has been as a technical manager. I studied computer science in college and grad school. Unlike many writers, I didn’t study liberal arts (Thank God for spell checkers!). I am married, and we have a wonderful golden retriever. She is my four-footed muse. I think you can find bits and pieces of me in my writing. I hope you like what you read.